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Bill Burmeister was born in Minneapolis, Mn on November 11, 1928 to Johannes Friedrick August Burmeister and Lillian Eleanor Brede - Burmeister and graduated from Edison High, in Minneapolis in January 1947.

Nadine Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 19th 1927 to Fred Victor Anderson and Esther Eleanor Ahlgren - Anderson.

They joined the US Navy in 1947 and later met at Great Lakes Navel Hospital just outside Chicago Bill was a lab tech and blood bank tech and Nadine Anderson, was a Registered Nurse. They got married on July 2nd, 1950.

Their first son, Bill II, was born on March 27th 1951. Nadine separated from the Navy and Bill stayed with the Navy as a hospital corpsman until 1952.

Interestingly, Bill's brother Don also in the Navy at Great Lakes met a nurse too. Because of "fraternization" between the ranks, Don's nurse was shipped out, but Bill managed to keep and marry his.

After leaving the Navy, Bill worked as a laboratory tech at a VA Hospital, then at Ford Motor Co. and Twin Cities Arsenal from 1952 to 1956.

On September 27th, 1952, their second son, Mark was born.

While in the Navy, Bill spent a little time in San Diego and loved it here. 

When a friend told Bill of a lab tech opening at Sharp Hospital in San Diego, he and Nadine moved their family to San Diego in February 1956. He worked for six months at Sharp Hospital as a lab tech.

Nadine hired on as a Registered Nurse at San Diego Children's Hospital next door to Sharp Hospital,

Then Bill took the combined test for the San Diego Fire and Police Departments placing first on the list. City personnel allowed him the choice of either department. Since his dad, Johannes Friedrick August Burmeister had been a Fireman in Minneapolis, he chose the Fire Department.

Bill worked at SDFD for 29 years from September 1956 until October of 1985 retiring as a Fire Captain due to a knee injury.

In 1957, Bill and Nadine bought a brand new house on Pasternack Pl in Serra Mesa overlooking a canyon and Cowels (the "S") Mountain.

They were there until the end. Their home on Pasternack was sort of an institution, for 60 years, being the gathering place for large family get togethers, Thanksgivings, Christmas Eves, summer birthday/pool parties and Bar-B-Ques.

Bill was always busy after retirement and played senior softball as a pitcher 3 to 4 times a week into his early eighties even though his doctor was trying to get him to quit for years.

Nadine passed away on Feb.14, 2004. Bill then took two cruises as a single. Then he met Marge Merrill Through their church and dated her for about five years taking a cruise with her in July of 2006 to Alaska. He was with her until she passed away from Alzheimer's. 

Then in 2009 Bill met and dated Sheila Peterson, also from church. In April of 2011, he took a Mediterranean cruise with her which included an excursion to the Jordan River in Israel. Although there were signs prohibiting it, they both took off their shoes and got in the river.

In September of 2016, Bill took a cruise with his whole family to the Southern Caribbean. There were 28 people total including Five Children, Nine Grandchildren and Four Great Grandchildren and his brother, Don. That was 18 total descendants and the rest were spouses or very significant others. 

There would have been three more, Grandson, A.J., his wife, Lindsey and son David Burmeister but Lindsey was pregnant with Adam and couldn't come due the Zika Virus in the Caribbean.

Bill and Sheila were inseparable until he passed on June 13th 2017.

Bill is in the Gallon Donor club at the San Diego Blood bank having donated 34 gallons of blood until 1998 when he got mild leukemia which disqualified him from donating any more.

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